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Handmade leather belt in Australian Nut colour

Handmade leather belt with west-end buckle and hand stitched belt loop.


These handmade leather belts are made from English Bridle leather and are available in three colours; Dark Havana (a dark brown colour), Austrailian Nut (a lovely brown tinged with a small amount of red – a really lovely colour) and Black. Please see the colour swatch image.

The belt buckle and loop

The belt has a west-end style stainless steel buckle and a leather loop which is hand stitched in place using strong saddle stitch.

The leather

The leather is 3.5mm – 4mm thick, so will make a great belt for wearing with jeans or chinos.

Belt width

This leather belt is available in two widths; 1.5 inches and 1.25 inches.

Belt length in centimeters

In order to get the right belt for your waist size, it’s very important that you follow these instructions. Once you have your current belt length, please select it from the Belt length in centimeters option below. I cannot accept measurements taken from clothing items.

The finishing

The edges are painted in black dye, hand burnished and then finished with good old elbow grease. The final step is giving the belt a good buff and polish.

Hand cut, hand stitched, hand finished, handmade in England.



Handmade men’s leather belt. Contemporary style with traditional methods.


This belt has a west-end style buckle.


This handmade men’s leather belt is made from English bridle leather which is 3.5mm – 4mm thick.


The edges are painted in black dye, hand burnished and then finished with good old elbow grease.


There are 9 holes, with 22mm centres. The first hole is 50mm from the end of the belt. Holes are punched with a circular shape.

Strap end

The strap end is a traditional English strap end.


Because these belts are handmade to order, the delivery time can be up to 10 days, though they are generally delivered quicker than that; it depends on how many orders I have queued.

Additional information

Belt buckle

Solid brass, Stainless steel

Belt width

1.25 inches, 1.5 inches

Belt length in centimeters

81 cm, 82 cm, 83 cm, 84 cm, 85 cm, 86 cm, 87 cm, 88 cm, 89 cm, 90 cm, 91 cm, 92 cm, 93 cm, 94 cm, 95 cm, 96 cm, 97 cm, 98 cm, 99 cm, 100 cm, 101 cm, 102 cm, 103 cm, 104 cm, 105 cm, 106 cm, 107 cm, 108 cm, 109 cm, 110 cm, 111 cm, 112 cm


Australian Nut, Black, Dark Havana

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